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A game changer!

When you are IN THE ZONE, you master baseball so much, that almost everything looks easy & you can stop smiling and enjoying.

Being IN THE ZONE happens when your natural coordination can express itself and perform at its optimum. It allows you to reach your goal in an instinctive, adapted and accurate manner.

These perfect coordination is using motor preferences.

Physiotherapists, podiatrists, trainers, coaches: this is not a fad, it is a scientifically proven revolution, which profoundly changes the care, prevention, workout and training of athletes.

By identifying an athlete's unconscious pattern of body movements and by relying on these strengths, we design a Motor Preferences profile.

Our expertise is to match this profile with the sports athleticism guidelines by adjusting mechanics in the respect of each individuals preferences.

This approach significantly reduces the risk of injury, increases performance and career longevity.


Official & exclusive representative for North America

Volodalen is a training organization and a research laboratory on movement, dedicated to Natural Motor PreferencesĀ®. The Volodalen team is composed of researchers, engineers, trainers, health and sport professionals. Volodalen headquarters are located in Switzerland.

Motor Preferences Experts LLC is the official & exclusive representative of Volodalen in North America.