Sports professionals, our training e-courses give you the keys to personalized physical and technical preparation according to the motor preferences of athletes.

By following our training you have the most advanced concepts to grasp natural motor skills. You learn engine tests and observables, you access practical protocols applicable in your practice.

With our digital course and the application of this knowledge, over the years, you'll be able to become an expert in the individualization of treatments, advice and preparation.

- COMPETENCE: You benefit from scientific research on Natural Motor Preferences by a world leader: Volodalen.


Level 1 + Sport Specific e-course = Specialist

Level 1 + Sport Specific e-course + Level 2 & 3 = Expert

E-learning courses
Our e-learning courses are available 24/7 at your home, with no time limit. The theoretical content is identical to that seen 'in person'. The skills acquired at the end are similar. A personal digital training space allows you to access videos, test your knowledge (quiz) and answer your questions (FAQ).